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Adolphe Sax is the inventor of the saxophone. He was born on 6 November 1814 in Dinant (Belgium). Until his death in 1894, music was the central theme of his life. In 2012, his brand “Adolphe Sax & Cie” was revived by Karel Goetghebeur in Bruges. “We make saxophones as they were intended by their inventor: always looking for innovation, a beautiful sound and a contemporary ease of play. Once again, Adolphe Sax conquers hearts throughout the world, from Belgium.

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A saxophone with a rich


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Ease of play

& sound

Ease of play and sound: these are why our saxophones are so beloved:

“As I was blowing my tenor sax, I immediately realised: Wow, what a sound!!!”

“My tenor sounds very warm, even my music teacher was surprised by the beautiful, full sound. At the same time, the instrument is a good, robust product, which is easy to handle.”

“My sax has an appealing, powerful and catchy sound, but it is also easy to play with a very low volume.”

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A sax with a special


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ease of play

& sound

Ease of play and sound, that’s what our saxophones are loved for:

“When blowing on my tenor, it was an instant hit: Wow, what a sound!!!”

“My tenor sounds very warm, even the music teacher was very surprised by the beautiful full sound. In addition, the instrument is a very good and sturdy product that fits well in the hand.”

“My model has its captivating, powerful, and catchy sound, but it’s also easy to play at a very soft volume.”

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